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Better attention and memory result in greater productivity and profitability—and less stress.

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Geri Markel's Managing Your Mind: Harnessing the potential of personal performance

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What they're saying about Defeating the 8 Demons of Distraction by Geraldine Markel, Ph.D.:

"Readers of this book are in for a real treat! Books that address the issues of increasing one’s productivity generally fall into one of 2 categories: Some are drab, clinical descriptions that drone on about the physiology of brain function and dysfunction. The very person needing the information may not be capable of plodding through the endless detail. Or, some are “cute” and metaphoric, but without practical strategies to accompany the gimmick! This book combines the format of both categories, and entertains the reader, while arming him with an arsenal of practical choices to adapt to one’s real life. As a career counselor, I was especially impressed to see how well each strategy is discussed and adapted to the workplace. In a well-organized and highly visual manner, this book will assist everyone in increasing productivity, reducing barriers to effectiveness, and eliminating tired excuses we have all held onto for too long!"

Wilma Fellman, M.Ed., LPC
Author of Finding a Career That Works For You


"If you are like many people whose daily lives are surrounded by a multitude of distractions, you will simply love this book. Dr. Markel presents real-life examples of eight major types of distractions and how each can hinder a person from achieving life satisfaction and reducing stress. Each chapter is filled with proven strategies and techniques which are practical and simple to apply. I highly recommend this book for anyone who desires a lifetime of fulfillment with fewer distractions."

Terry M. Dickson, M.D.
The Behavioral Medicine Clinic of NW Michigan
Traverse City, Michigan


"We live in a society where multitasking has become a respected social condition.  A natural result from multitasking is stress and distractions.  Enough of this can ruin your health.  Defeating the 8 Demons of Distraction will help you understand how to get more peace and less stress into your life so you can live a happier more productive life."


Ed Primeau
Primeau Productions
Troy, MI