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Review: Performance Breakthroughs

Performance Breakthroughs for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities or ADD: How to Help Students Succeed in the Regular Education Classroom is an extremely informative, well-written and interesting resource for consumers, parents, and professionals. The ability to address each of these audiences while remaining focused on the subject is a tribute to the authors. The background knowledge and experience of the authors is woven throughout each of the chapters, providing the reader with recommendations based on current research and best practice. Performance breakthroughs, a term used in the title and throughout the text, refers to .putting everything together, using one's potential, and doing one's best on demand.

The authors begin with the discussion of the academic curriculum with a thorough discussion at the assessment process and program planning. Specific academic areas often difficult for adolescents with LD or ADD are then addressed. These areas include reading, listening, note taking, test taking, academic writing, and homework. Within each of these more academic chapters, information is provided as the (1) the disability factors influencing the academic area, (2) the role of the classroom teacher, (3) appropriate accommodations, (4) types of educational materials and tasks, (5) student management strategies, and (6) teaching techniques.

Performance Breakthroughs for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities or ADD should be required reading for all secondary classroom teachers, special education teachers, school administrators, parents, and students with LD or ADD. The organization and content of the text allows the reader to quickly grasp the essential issues for encouraging adolescents with LD or ADD to become greater participants in their school programming, as well as providing educations with management and educational techniques to ensure success for performance breakthroughs.

Noel Gregg, Ph. D., University of Georgia, Learning Disabilities Center Disability Studies Quarterly Published July 1998, Volume 17, No.

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